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​Hi! I am putting everything into production while maintaining a small production studio with a medium sized production space and making a transition into more defined levels of the industry. I would like to apply concepts from budgeting for a film and working with a line producer and Jack, in commercial production, and in learning more about the process giving that the applied concepts you're familiar with could in theory apply to commercials. producing commercials with a cinematic drive.

Also a personal note,
I'm touched by your efforts to help and truly appreciate what your doing.

And My apologies if that came off as rambling, I'm just excited about the current project You Little Thief

If your interested and have 2 minutes I would love to send you the opening score to that project, it's a great frame for the overall feeling of the film.

I have the first scene storyboarded with a fantastic artist from Italy, though I'm looking for another story board artist, that can make a better delivery,  A lawyer that is looking for 5% ownership of the distribution rights to the project and someone that can tell me what genera my film is to better market it to one of those hyper focused genera buyers at Netflix and help pick the log line.

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