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Image by Colton Duke

the opening shot begins with a step.

The first step.
Our narrator, our guide,

begins to open with a message

as they introduce themselves
They  talk a little about who they are

their story and what the goal is

it's a message

for those who are struggling with addiction,

a message

for those who are looking for help

as we look for those who need help.

as the mission statement is presented we arrive at the lookout destination

there is a path we take, and it's not an easy path, but one that is absolutely worth it.

The screen fades to white as we take in the view

contact information
easy to read and remember
a phone number to call
and the website that can provide help


Treatment V.1





Calm Woman

Treatment V.2

What is Sober Life Really Like
A Focus on the daily 
3 people 3 minuets 
Each Discussing Their struggles
Each with a message that tells one story

Their Words of Encouragement are paramount
and should take the lead.

Each in a different location
Each Presenting their Paradigm.

each location a reflection of that person


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Brian K McQuain
call or text

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