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Hi my name is Brian! My first commercial was on the Fox Network, and most recently for Matrix-IFS with over a billion in annual revenue as an international finantial services company, The Hyatt, Neman Marcus and Sak's 5th Ave Designers have used our work in their campaigns and recently while walking past I saw an opportunity to enhance or enchase the windows of the store. I reached out to and partnered with GAGE models and Talent and Speed Pro Printers for the following proposal. 

The Measurements for the windows in inches


Speed Pro the printer quoted a one time cost of  $571.98 for the windows installed.

GAGE Models and Talent's rate is $360 per talent with 1 year use. This includes thier agency fee and the windows would need to change or come down 1 year later. The option to renew is available with the agency.

Studio Media and Design Production one time project cost - $579.89

$1,871.87 Total to for 1 year window treatment 

speed pro knoxville.png

Jody Bruns 

Sales Director 

SpeedPro Chattanooga

Cell - 423.645.8515

Gage Talent Logo Black (3) Large Even letters.jpg

production manager
Brian K McQuain

1 (808) 393-7421

Thank you so much for your time

consideration and service to the community!

I would love to hear your thoughts if you would like,
please do reply to the team via the original email!

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